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Buy Hybrid Weed Online in Canada

Our Hybrid Selection

Hybrid strains have a mixed heritage of sativa and indica genetics and show traits from both. A hybrid strain can either be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, or have an even mix. Sativa-dominant strains provide relaxing effects for both the body and mind, while indica-dominant strains are recognized for their pain relief and sleeping benefits. At Shiva.Buzz, our most popular hybrids are WEDDING CAKE, ZKITTLES, GELATO, CRITIQUE, 24K, GREASE MONKEY AND HUCKLEBERRY, AND MANY MORE.We aim to provide the highest quality hybrid strains that facilitate customer satisfaction when you buy your hybrid weed online in Canada.
For every 1oz of flower you buy(mix and match) you will get a 2G of popcorn sampler as a bonus. This will be automatically added at checkout so no need to add to your cart. Just tell me what flavor you want in the note area of the cart.
Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment