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About Shiva Buzz

In the lte 2010s I had to begin noticing tons of websites allowing access to cannabis products for both recreational and medical use. We understand that people need their medicine, so it dawned on us: Big companies and facilities are much more focused on their profit than on their customers; also, some websites are buying from medical cannabis facilities—so, as the cultivator at the time, we thought, "Let’s do something about it!" Lets offer a "medical cannabis compassion club with the best medical cannabis products and prices over profit"

Thus, Shiva.buzz was conceived based on the HINDU GOD- SHIVA —the Supreme creator and destroyer of the universe. Because cannabis gives life to those in medical need and destroys pain, we thought this was a perfect fit.

At Shivabuzz.com we don't have a “middle man”. We grow and make all of our products in-house—this is a "FARM to BONG” concept. This way, we have the highest quality control and can offer truly great products at the best prices.

We now have a group specifically designed for shivabuzz customers to talk, here is the link: https://discord.gg/xWcvhYxWeW

Me as a Person

This is a story about me and how marijuana and cannabis saved my life in both a mental and pain management aspect.

I am originally from Alberta, Canada and I am mid 40s . I started smoking weed probably too young.

After a tragic and traumatic experience at 15, I could no longer function (I’ll leave the details at that), and so I became a high-school dropout. I got a job as a roofer and started smoking weed. After about two years making 35K as a high-school dropout, I finally decided that roofing was not a life long goal for me.

So, in 1991, I went back to high school and got my high-school diploma. I went on to become an electrician with a Red Seal and Master certification in BC and Alberta. I have 28 years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential. From concept to completion, We can do it all.

I learned how to grow weed when I was 18 years old and for many years did so for personal use. So, I have actually been in the weed business for 29 years for medical purposes.  Treatment primarily started for PTSD, Weed saved my life. (I’m not your typical stoner). I joined the medical cannabis industry many years ago and continue to provide both growing tips and electrical solutions in the industry. We support moms and pops left out in the cold by the governments red tape.

I am a person with considerable life experience, knowledge, and skills. If you need help growing cannabis, with electrical solutions, or would like a consultation for your own cannabis facility, I’ve got the ins and outs! Please feel free to contact Shiva Buzz through our online form.

Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment